Caroline Logan Workshop Recap -- Headshots & The Future of Wendy Zook Photography

So I've already shared a bit about what I loved most during the Caroline Logan Photography Workshop last month, and now I want to share my beautiful new headshots from Caroline and also what all this learning and daydreaming means for you and for Wendy Zook Photography.


There are no gigantic shifts in my business -- I mean, in the last year I've already rebranded and consistently given a fun and personal client experience (not to mention some of my favorite images so far!). Rather, I'll be emphasizing those things that are important to me, thanks to some "aha" moments at the workshop:


- Blessing my clients with my business

I don't want to just deliver photos -- I want to deliver an incredible experience from first phone call through consults and e-mails and engagement sessions all the way to their sparkler exit at the end of their special day. I want them to feel that in some way Wendy, and not just WZP, has brought joy and all sorts of good things into their lives.


- Consistency, consistency, consistency

I want consistency not just from Corynn and Kevin's wedding in June to Melissa and Patrick's big day in September but from my first wedding in May through my last wedding in 2017. I want consistency in my workflow (I'm slooooooowly moving to all-digital for contracts, invoices and bookkeeping) but also in my editing. I really want to stay true to my style and also make all of my events look like they truly belong to the same person. Will you hold me accountable to this?!

- Staying true to me

This is one that I'm getting better at, but, in a field that can be competitive and stressful and overwhelming with talent, I just want to make sure that the reason I take each wedding on is the same as why I chose this path originally -- to observe and capture the greatest moments of unique love stories and to embrace true moments of the day as they happen. I want to always tell romantic stories and fun anecdotes through images that are as natural and authentic as my couples. I want to come home after each long wedding day and say "YES, YES, YES" on repeat. I want to stay friends with my clients and watch their lives explode with beauty and joy and the ups and downs of life. I want to be a capturer of memories.



It got pretty serious there! Let's take a deep breath and enjoy some pretty photos from someone else, shall we?

Photos are courtesy of Caroline Logan and took place in the beautiful Hingework co-working/studio space in downtown Lancaster, Pennsylvania. Camera strap is from Casie Marie Photography's Etsy store.


Which headshot is your favorite?

Witches & Wine (special events)

Wendy recently was invited to take part in a charity fundraiser for the Luzerne County Dress for Success. The event, called Witches & Wine, was held at the Woodlands Inn and featured about 40 vendors from all different areas (food stuff, crafts, jewelry, clothing, makeup, etc) and hundreds of women behind and in front of the tables dressed up in costume! It was a fun event for sure and I felt so incredibly welcome -- a blessing when you're new in town! -- and met several great ladies I hope to call friends.

I've already been invited back to next year's event and you better believe I'll be there -- with camera and witch's hat!

(Check out their FaceBook page HERE.)

Do you have a special event coming up soon? Do you need a photographer to donate time to help publicize your hard work and capture some images for future use? E-mail me today!

Witches & Wine-022

Witches & Wine-046

Witches & Wine-049

Witches & Wine-083

Witches & Wine-146

Witches & Wine-163

Upcoming photo sessions (Blair County/Bedford County)

**UPDATE**WZP has changed the dates of the Blair/Bedford-area sessions to the weekend of Oct. 18-19! Contact Wendy ASAP for openings!

Attention, Blair/Bedford counties: Wendy Zook Photography is comin' back to you for some special photo session events!

Oct. 18-19 Wendy will be offering discounted Autumn mini-sessions at Shawnee State Park, Schellsburg. Limited sessions available!

45-minute sessions with gourds, pumpkins, hay bales. Limit to four people/session ($15/additional person) At least 12 edited photos will be presented, in a password-protected online gallery, by Oct. 30. Cost: $50

Nov. 26 A one-day only opportunity to take advantage of family gathering together for Thanksgiving. Create a photo album or box of prints for a loved one's Christmas present. (Grandma or Mom need a collection of beautiful images of their children, siblings, grandchildren?) Or, use the photos to create lovely holiday cards! 60-90-minute sessions with two outfit changes at the location of your choosing. Limited spots available! Online gallery for printing, CD of retouched images or a beautiful canvas album are all available for your choice of a finished product. Contact me for pricing!

Introducing... (new photo session option)

Over the past few months, I've had the opportunity to photograph a couple of boudoir sessions. Right now, you're either picking your jaw up off of the ground or you're scratching your head in confusion.

"Boudoir" comes from an old-timer description of a woman's sitting/dressing room or sleeping quarters. Nowadays, boudoir photography consists of a session wherein a woman wears whatever she feels sexy in (lingerie, an old T-shirt, heels, you name it, it can be done. It's all about the feeling of sexiness, which is different for everyone). It can take place in a bedroom or hotel room and, at least with Wendy Zook Photography, is done tastefully and comfortably.

Boudoir sessions with WZP typically last 1-2 hours and cost the same as any other standard sitting fee. We do 3-4 different outfits. It's all about creating fun shapes with your body -- standing, laying down, sitting, etc. I can provide make-up samples and tips ahead of time for hair, outfits and location.

It's all about a comfort thing, so we'll make it as fun as possible.

Boudoir sessions will get you an album of about 20 photos to present to your significant other for your wedding day, anniversary, birthday or just because!

I will never publish photos from these sessions in any online format, so contact me for more information or for samples.

This is an exciting new route for my photography and I hope to have you join me on this adventure!

Megan & Joe (Wedding)

Megan and Joe are a dream to work with if you're a wedding photographer. Let's ignore the blatantly obvious fact that they are both gorgeous people inside and out and let's focus on their love and their beautiful day.

I loved that when I first met these two lovebirds that they were so easy to talk to and share ideas back and forth; it was like hanging out with old friends. They have been organized and stuck to their vision every step of the way.

Their wedding day, honestly, was one of the most special ones I've ever been a part of (no, seriously). Whether their own vows they wrote and read to each other (Joe's actually had grown men tearing up in the church) or the never-ending laughs and smiles from the entire bridal party, it was so much fun and so sweet. Their love is undeniable.

We took a small risk in creating a no-look First Look-type picture. (Without seeing each other, Megan and Joe met on a corner of two walls and held hands and talked for a few moments before the ceremony.) I'm so glad we went through with it as it was a couple of minutes of pure emotion. They joked ("So, you still want to go through with this?") and they both dabbed moist eyes (It's amazing what a simple "I love you" means to two soulmates on such a day). I loved that moment.

In between the ceremony and reception, the bridal party stopped at Megan's mom's nearby property to take photos. It was gorgeous! Rolling hills and so much green around us on what was a fantastic day, weather-wise, too. Megan and Joe were not afraid to walk through some wildflowers or sit on the grass in order to grab a couple of really beautiful images.

Below are a few of my favorite shots. Do you have a favorite?

Megan and Joe, thank you, truly, for allowing me the absolute honor in sharing in your day and in the beginning of your marriage. You are the epitome of true love, beauty, fun and joy.

Megan & Joe 8-16-14 Bedford County, PA































Kacey & Drew (engagement)

The thing I love about photography is the ability to sometimes, with a little light and a little luck and a lot of love, capture a moment, a memory. I love meeting new friends and for an hour or two becoming a member of a beautiful family, but to share the click of my shutter with one of my favorite people in the world and one of my most cherished friends... that, that is perfection for me.

My college friend Kacey is getting married in October to the love of her life, Drew. I am the lucky Maid of Honor... and if that wasn't enough honor for this gal, Kacey also asked me to take some engagement photos of her and Drew to use for Save the Date cards and a guestbook.

I've photographed a lot of happy couples in the past two years and I've been so happy with the moments I've been able to capture -- first kisses and wedding vows and parents-to-be and so many other special moments. But this shoot was different. Maybe because I personally know the journey Kacey has been on or the love story that lies between the Giants lover and her Eagles fan, or quite likely, maybe because of the fact that these two make me believe in soul mates, EVERY snap of the shutter was a moment.

There were times I almost felt like I was intruding, standing in the middle of a candid laugh or so enjoying watching the way he looked at her like there was no one, no other thing in this entire big world.

We got so many great backgrounds and locations around the northern suburbs of Philadelphia on a day with beautiful weather, but none of that is the reason for such great moments.

Love is the reason. True, beautiful love. The happiest, purest, most joyful love I have ever witnessed.

Kacey and Drew (7 of 68)

Kacey and Drew (9 of 68)

Kacey and Drew (14 of 68)

Kacey and Drew (21 of 68)

Kacey and Drew (23 of 68)

Kacey and Drew (26 of 68)

Kacey and Drew (36 of 68)

Kacey and Drew (37 of 68)

Kacey and Drew (44 of 68)

Kacey and Drew (54 of 68)

Kacey and Drew (62 of 68)

Kacey and Drew (65 of 68)

Kacey and Drew (68 of 68)

Making it official

I've been taking photos for a long time. I grew up with a family of photographers and artists and creative souls and have had a camera in hand for as long as I can remember.

I made albums of school trips taken with my ridiculously heavy uses-actual-film Kodak. I learned about what made each setting unique on my tiny but higher-pixeled Casio that I carried everywhere. An upgraded Casio took the first photos of my son. And for the past year, I have been falling in love with the world as I've seen it through the lens of my Nikon, a fancy-schmancy camera that has forced me to learn about aperture and focus, ISO and white balance.

A friend asked me to take photos of her wedding when her photographer fell through and it was during that long day of following around a beautiful lady clad in white that I fell in love. I loved the adrenaline of having only one shot at capturing the moment; loved the way my eye was drawn toward the in-between moments: the decorations and set-up; the way a grandmother adjusted the tie on one of the littlest attendees; the way an entire group was aiming their cameras and whooping with glee at the cake cutting.

And that was it - I was hooked.

I've since captured a newborn baby's hug from an older brother and the way her tiny fist wrapped around Mom's thumb.

My shutter has opened and closed on families and babies and pets; it has helped create 8x10s and treasured wallets, photo albums and slideshows and holiday cards.

And now it's going to be more of the same quality and love and yes, even that adrenaline. Except with business cards and a new website!

Thank you for your support. Be sure to check out the "Specials" page for more information on packages and rates we're offering. Learn more about me here. And see some of my favorite recent photos here. And finally, just in case I haven't convinced you of my awesomeness yet, see what previous clients have had to say here.

To book a session or ask a questions, e-mail me at

Let's do this! Ready... set... click!