Blue eyes x2

A last-minute photo session, again in my backyard, captured the gorgeous greens of our surroundings alongside two siblings who have quite possibly the brightest, bluest eyes my camera has ever seen.

This is a very special family and I was so honored to have their time, patience, cooperation and pure joy in my world for a short while.

And now, may I present, Cora and Wyatt, both celebrating birthdays!

PS -- Accepting sessions for July 22, 24, 25 and Aug.8 and 15 in the Blair/Bedford areas!

untitled shoot-001

untitled shoot-005

untitled shoot-027

untitled shoot-062

untitled shoot-072

untitled shoot-110

untitled shoot-192

untitled shoot-200

untitled shoot-228

Happy Birthday, Elizabeth!

I had quite the honor of hanging out with Miss Elizabeth at a local park earlier this week. Her mom proclaimed her to be a bit of a diva and while she may have looked the part in her tutu, hair pom-poms and beautiful blue eyes, she certainly didn't act that way! She was fun, friendly and inquisitive as we explored the beach and playground areas.

I couldn't get enough of her pigtails and those baby blues!

Enjoy a glimpse into my fun day with the Birthday Girl (today's her birthday!).

Happy Birthday, Elizabeth!