Caroline Logan Workshop Recap -- Part One -- All the little details

Wendy had the great joy of participating in the Caroline Logan Workshop in Lancaster, Pennsylvania, last week along with several other phenomenal women and photographers.

Behind-the-Scenes photos from  Stacey Lynn    

Behind-the-Scenes photos from Stacey Lynn

I hope I never stop learning. There will be room for improvement even 10 years down the line. The best part of a photography workshop is that you are absolutely surrounded by inspiring people -- each of whom offers something different for you and your business.

Caroline Logan Photography is led by an insanely-talented young lady who at a young age (we may or may not be separated by a decade!) has herself more put together than I ever figured out in my 20s -- she is all about giving and serving. She inspires me with her balance of personal and professional needs and always seems to have a smile on her face.

The workshop was broken down into several parts and actually began Sunday evening with a Meet-and-Greet. We met at the AMAZING space, Hingework, which is part co-working space and part studio. Think: white ceilings, twinkly lights, incredible natural light streaming through paned windows. Sunday night consisted of cookies and questions, with about half of the attendees chatting and getting to know each other. Such a great start to the workshop!

And then, Monday was all business! (OK, not all business -- there was definitely some laughter and surprises and other moments I'll talk about in tomorrow's post).

A morning session talked about clients -- posing, taking care of them, getting to know them and more. We had lunch from Chipotle (I mention this because Caroline LOVES it AND it was my FIRST Chipotle experience!) and then began our styled shoot. We had a gorgeous bride in such a lovely gown, with her handsome real-life hubby, sweet flowers, a beautiful table set-up and several little details. (I can't wait to share all of my images from the shoot in a few months!). And, we ended with an editing walk-through and discussions on social media and our websites. Phew! SO much helpful information that I can't wait to tweak to best fit WZP.

Stay tuned later this week for more peeks into my time at the workshop, including what changes you may see in 2016 for Wendy Zook Photography.