Why you should consider a boudoir session {Boudoir} -- Feeling sexy, boosting confidence and surprising your significant other -- Wendy Zook Photography, Rochester New Yor

Ladies, this one's for you. Let's face it -- we spend a lot of time putting on makeup, picking out our outfits and trying to look good for sometimes perfect strangers. Sometimes for our husbands, boyfriends, girlfriends or significant others. Do we ever just try to feel pretty for ourselves?

I used to have the WORST self esteem. But as I get older and look at my flaws as a little roadmap of scars, memories, life-changing moments and growing up, I appreciate my body, for better or for worse.

Several of my brides have chosen to surprise their LoveBug with an album of boudoir images on the morning of their wedding. It's an exciting thing to plan and create and every single one of my ladies has been SO happy she did this!

I keep the session as calm and fun (no, really!) as possible and usually within a couple of minutes, we are both laughing and talking like it's just a stroll in the park. These sessions usually take 90 minutes to an hour and we use about 3-4 different outfits. And it's not all lace and leather -- I've seen a T-shirt and a football jersey be just as sexy if not more sexy than any little lingerie. And I've seen no props at all and I've seen books, a cup of coffee and some pretty pearls all turn a tranquil scene into something really special.

I'll never forget the first time I told my hubby that I was photographing one of these sessions. I think he thought I was crazy and maybe a little creepy. Although he's never seen any of these images I've photographed (and they'll NEVER be posted on my blog or social media), he has said that it's not a bad idea. Boudoir wasn't a well-known option when we get married more than five years ago, but if I had known about it, you better believe he'd have a special surprise from me on that wedding day!

Boudoir sessions can take place at your home, a hotel or a mix of indoor and outdoor sites! I love to incorporate natural light so lots of windows is key!

I've done several trainings now (and real-life practice!) on flattering poses for all body types, so you just be you and I'll worry about the rest! A woman with curves needs to do this just as much as someone who is stick-thin! We are all so beautiful! (And your hubby-to-be clearly thinks you're gorgeous just the way you are!).

Oh, and by the way -- you don't have to do this by yourself! You and your significant other can do this together! What a fun Christmas present and what a way to bring back the romance!

For these sessions, my clients typically pick their favorite 15-25 images (a mix of close-ups of eyes, hands, etc plus full-body poses, etc) and together we create a 10x10 album that we wrap up and get ready for delivery! The whole process can be done within a couple of weeks. Let me know if you're interested!