Favorite Moments

There are honestly a million things I love about being a photographer. So I thought I would share a few (not all 1,000,000, don't worry!).

I love getting to know a client -- whether it's an engaged couple planning their wedding or a little girl twirling in the snow. I love the transformation that occurs in a boudoir session when a woman loses inhibition and self-esteem worries and just embraces all of her beauty. When I capture an unscripted "real" moment -- a father and newborn locking eyes or Grandpa crying as his littlest girl walks down the aisle.

Some recent highlights:

* I will usually start a private Pinterest board with my brides or moms for family sessions. It's an opportunity to get on the same page and usually, it just takes a few photos and I already have a style pegged or am jotting down ideas I can't wait to try. Recently, a 2015 WZP bride and I started a board and within FIVE MINUTES, we both unknowingly posted the EXACT SAME photo! She sent me a message: "You get me!"

* An expectant mom and I were sharing ideas on Pinterest and what I loved best about planning this newborn session was the transformation. I think she went into it thinking of props and poses and within those few weeks, the board actually took a turn to a much more natural, lifestyle-type photo session. (I admire the Anne Geddes and Heidi Hopes of the world; the ladies like my dear friend Nicole who create beautiful images with bonnets and chairs and vintage suitcases and tell a gorgeous story! -- but, it's just not me, and that's OK!) We were on the same page and we were so comfortable on the day of the session. It turned into a "Day in the Life..." and it was a really special day.

* I am a natural light geek. I've been known to rearrange couches and sit clients in front of or behind or to the side of a beautiful window inside. And outside, oh my my my how I lose my mind over a golden sunset and soft dusk light. I step out of my car and am looking for the sun.

*At one of my 2014 weddings, the bride and groom wrote their own vows and read them to one another during the ceremony. Their words were so beautiful. I watched grown men in pews before them wiping away tears and watched women sob over this couple's love. I may or may not have had a shaking hand once or twice. Oh, it was so touching.

* Earlier this year, I photographed my teenage niece. Much like a woman in a boudoir session, I watched her teenage awkwardness disappear and saw her self-confidence rise. Even if it was only for a couple of hours, it was so amazing to have that sort of positive impact on someone with my camera, some poses and positive conversation.

* A client's grandmother recently passed away. I saw on Facebook an image she posted of her and her grandma on her wedding day that I had taken and felt such a blessing inside of me to know that in the smallest of ways, I provided comfort and memories to her on a much different occasion years later. She later told me how much she treasured the moments with her grandma that I captured on her wedding day.

* I can not help but share an "LOL" moment or two. Like when a boudoir client changed into her next outfit and I just heard "I'm sorry my butt is just out there." We laughed but it really wasn't a big deal. I'm focused on flattering poses and great light. There's moments where people see my camera looking their way and they have tripped or walked into a chair (they didn't get hurt!) and a couple of other giggly moments. Things happen, life happens. I trip all the time. I do a lot of backwards walking for images and am constantly walking into things or barely holding my balance. It's life and what I do is very, very real!

Like I said, there's a million things that I have captured, seen, loved and enjoyed, but I wanted to share some of my favorites. The list grows all the time. My blessings multiply with every session and every new client. I love what I do!

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